You have to Just start


     Just start…..yes you have to just start anything, anywhere. People start thinking but at the time of implementing their ideas, they quit the game. In the whole world, most of people get failed because they never started. It is true that once you started something you will definitely face difficulties, Hurdles, problems but you should stand with yourself.
          Once a Hawker starts selling flutes on the street. With the time and with his patience his business was running with a high profit. He had one friend …he always motivates him for doing some work but his friend afraid about everything. He had no patience, no guts. He always gets his step back only because of fear of failure. He didn’t start anything. And he didn’t get anything like his hawker friend. Then he thinks at least “I should start … I have nothing to lose… Whatever it takes”. Then he started selling fruits on the street with the time and with patience he also gets whatever he wants earlier.
       “Moral is you should JUST START at least you will get self-confidence from this” if you fail it will give you the experience to win with more enthusiasm. With more energy. If you started something and you feel… It is over, it won’t give you anything and you are thinking about giving up. At this stage just hold yourself for the biggest achievement ever because you never know how close you are to your goals. If you feel this kind of signs then be ready for the biggest achievement and biggest success ever.
         There are two types of people, one who only thinks and one is a doer. If you are reading this definitely you belong from the doer category. you have to JUST START… for this…
You should start with one push-up,
you should start reading with one page,    you should start meditation for 1 min,
you should start with drinking one glass of water in the morning,
You should start walking for 1 km,
You should start thinking with one idea,
You should start writing with one line,
You should start Watching one motivational video,
You should start learning with one course,
You should start working with one small work…..
      You should start doing just one good thing… As a result, you can’t blame yourself for anything in your entire life…..So JUST START.
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