What is your strength…?

What is your strength…?

          Getting bored ….?  Don’t worry guys here is something new, something energetic, something enthusiastic and something memorable for you. If we observe nowadays situations definitely we feel stuck somewhere. We wake up, we take bath, and we have breakfast after that we check social media and starts scrolling more and more after that you think to watch TV but you already tired of that same repeating telecast. And at the end of the day you feel tired mentally as well as physically. So if you want to change this scenario just stick with us and read entire blog. It will empower you mentally and in order to empower yourself physically. So let’s get started…….

·        First of all I want to tell to all my blog readers we are responsible citizens and we have some responsibility to contribute for our country. We can earn wealth, honor and many more things for ourselves and for our families. But this time we have to stand together, this time we have chance to do something for our society, for our country. It is possible only when you stay at your home. Government have planned many thing to fight against this problem so we all have to do is listen to our government and stay safe at our home.
   1.  What you should DO……

            As everyone knows sanitizing hands is essential. But we have many more points to keep in our mind. Points including what you should do, which types of work you should do and how to focus on things which will give you mental strength. What if 604800 dollars available for you and you don’t even trying to get this dollars and the main thing is it is available near you but still you are not trying to even touch this.

           This is really bad thing for us. the motive is to tell you that you have 7 days…168 hours…10080 minutes and 604800 seconds. Yes you have lots of free time to do something in which your one second has potential to give you one dollar. You all have to do is to stop all that procrastination. Stop watching useless videos, scrolling on social media, watching movies, etc. once you stop all this things your mind will ready to be mentally strong and also ready to work more efficiently.

           Don’t believe on any rumor on social media also don’t forward any kind of messages that you don’t know it is true or not. 
2.  You have worlds one of the strongest weapon….

          We are blessed because we live in the world in which we can learn anything, we can gain any type of knowledge also we can work from home. We can interact with anyone, anytime and anything from home. Yes we have the internet in our hands. “INTERNET” is the one of the powerful weapons in the world.

          Everyone knows importance of the internet but we can say they have half knowledge about internet. Because they use internet to waste their time, to watch bad things, to search about useless things, etc. in the entire world internet is use as one of the main earning source. Yes internet has more potential to pay you to survive. But many people don’t know about those things.

          Now you know very well you are free for some time. You don’t have important work to do. So utilize this time to learn about online earning sources. First stop wasting time on social media and use your all social media handles for business purpose. All you have to do is to open YouTube and search for different online earning sources. You will come to know the things like “Content writing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, growth marketing, video editing, web designing, graphic designing and dropshipping etc.” will pay you more than your daily jobs. Yes you can earn more than you earning now. So just dig internet world and find out the diamonds of knowledge. 
3.  Write down your plan…..

            If you have a plan for your journey you have to plot it from mind to paper. Writing about your plans on paper is first step to achieving something big. You might have observed this “Your mind work on what you think” but this sentence applies many times when you thinking something negative. Negative thinking doesn’t needs any extra efforts to convert it into actions. But positive thinking needs extra efforts for extra actions.

          If you relate this to your daily life you will understand easily. Like if you planning to do something good it take more efforts, more attention to accomplish it but if you think something negative it doesn’t need any backup, any extra effort, or any extra attention. You have to understand workflow of your mind.

          Now your mind is in rest position. There is nothing like negative in your mind. You have to take advantage of this opportunity with open hands. Generally your mind gives excuses when you decide to do something but the scenario is change now. When you wake up in the morning start your day without touching your mobile. Take pen and paper and wright down the things you want to do in your life but when you try to do your mind gives excuses. Write everything in following format.

 I have potential to earn………………….$, 
 I deserve for……………………….., 
 I will work ………..hours a day, 
 I am ready to sacrifice my………………,
 I have strong desire for………….. and I can touch as well as I can watch it in my       imagination,
 I will achieve…………………things till ………..date.

      Write it on paper and read while you are going to bed and also read when you wake up. 7 days is sufficient to create strong desire for the things you want in your life. 

4.  Books will take you in the right direction…

           Reading books is the thing that most of people mention in their resume. But actually nobody reads. Yes you have to accept this you also have mentioned but you haven’t read any book yet. If you read any books just tell me in the comments with the name of author.
           Reading book is nothing but understand someone’s mindset, someone’s thought process which adapted globally, someone’s work ethic etc. reading books with open mind means without any pressure, without any workload, without any disturbance. Yes you are right this is right time to adapt habit of reading books. Start reading now and think of long term.
        Read daily for 30 min it will empower you to stay inspired, stay motivated for next 30 days. Now just calculate daily 30 minute means 900 minutes a month, 10800 minutes a year. It will empower you mentally as well as physically for upcoming many years. Worlds every rich person has habit of reading books. So start reading today by one page may be you will be the next billionaire. 

      For now you should download any of Audiobook app. and listen to audiobooks. start your journey by listening “RICH DAD POOR DAD” book by robert kawasaki.


Rich Dad poor dad

The intelligent investor

The power of subconscious mind

Think and grow rich

Side hustle

5.  What your mind wants……

         If I ask you “What your mind wants….?” What will be your answer? Just tell me in the comments. What do you need if you run for 2-3 hours continuously? If a machine runs continuously for long time then what it need? What do you need if you study for 8-10 hours? Simple answer is REST. Yes if you are tired you needs rest, if machine runs continuously it needs rest for maintenance, if you study continuously definitely you needs rest.

         Same case for your mind your mind also needs rest. But as you know you are already in rest mode. Yes likewise your mind is also on rest mode. So don’t put pressure on your mind by using mobile in excess amount, don’t do useless things like overthinking about your work, family and friends. Just keep your mind on resting mode.

         You are tired for some reason and you drink water. It refreshes your body. Same thing applies on your mind when your mind is tired of everything and you try to put something good for good purpose in your mind. It works more efficiently. Keep putting good things in your mind as mentioned in above points. Start reading, learning new things. Keep one thing in your mind “TRAIN YOUR BRAIN BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE FOR WEAK MINDSET”.
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