What jio Glass? | Features, and Specification of Jio Glass

What is Jio Glass

Reliance jio has announced a new glass called “Jio Glass”.

At the annual general meeting of Reliance jio, owner “Mukesh Ambani” spoke of Google‘s $ 5 billion investment in Reliance jio.

Reliance jio has launched some new product, The Jio Glass is one of them.

At the meeting, they showed a demo of Jio Glass, its functionalities, and its specifications,

They didn’t talk more about its price and availability.

Now here in this blog, you will know about its working, how you can get, and much more important information about Jio Glass.

For whom Jio Glass is?

The Jio glass is designed for Students and teachers.

It will make a better video conferencing.

virtual meetings or video conferences will be in a much better way with the help of this.

Students and teachers can create Holographic classes through Jio Glass.

This product will support digital education, it will mainly use for educational purpose.

Need For Jio Glass

Reliance Jio is working for a digital era.

The digital world is a need for the future, and reliance jio is creating more products for future needs.

Nowadays people are experiencing the virtual world through social media.

Looking at this scenario, we should know that the virtual world will be the need for the future.

This Jio product will fulfill the need of virtual world.

3 D virtual classes, Better Virtual meetings, and other virtual things can be done by this product.

Additional Information

This product will give Virtual Reality (VR), people uses this for gaming purpose only.

Now schools, corporates, and other various fields are ready to experience this Virtual reality, through this glass.

It will give the best, meaningful, and joyful user experience.

This product will take benefit of 5 G Services.

Reliance Jio and Google Collaboration

Google has invested $ 5 Billion in Reliance Jio, with the stake of 7.7 %.

Google and Jio will work together for upcoming products, many plans are there for the future, They both are ready for work together, much more products are yet to come

let see which digital weapons they will prepare to boost the digital age.

Facebook has invested 43574 Cr in Reliance jio.


In the Annual General Meeting, they did not talk much about detailed features, prices, and specifications.

They mentioned that they will provide a cable to connect with a smartphone.

They only disclosed Highlighted JioGlass specifications, that given below

  • The total product weighs 75 gms
  • Product has an Inbuilt Sound system
  • Can be connected easily to a smartphone
  • 25 apps for entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping, and productivity.
  • Teachers can perform 3 D, Holographic classes
  • Businesses will have a better virtual meeting
  • Cable provided to connect a smartphone
  • Provides best-in-class Mixed Reality services

This device will be available for individual users, corporations, and businesses in India and It will launch in the August month 2020.

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