What is personality? and What are Different Types of Personalities’ full explanation.

different types of personalities

So What are the different types of personalities? do you know? well in this blog we have given a full explanation of What is personality? and their different types.

Well, coming to a specific age all of us often think of the personality which we already have or say wish to have in the future.

But, for this, all of us should know which type of personality do we possess within ourselves.

There are different and many more types of personalities in this world depending upon one’s likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc.

What is Personality?

Thinking about personality….. What exactly is personality?

Does it mean looking attractive? Or say capable of doing everything in this world!!!!. No, this is not so.

Personality is something that involves physical as well as the mental state of a person.

Everyone are unique in their own ways.

There is at least one thing in this world which make you different from others.

That one thing lies in our view (what we think) our Thought process (how we think).

Also, the psychologist has suggested that one can change their personality traits only if one wants or decides to do so.

Similarly, there are various types of personalities but the three common personalities involve INTROVERTS, EXTROVERTS, and AMBIVERTS.

All of us lie in some of these three personalities.

Let’s see which Different types of personalities do you possess and depending upon that let’s know the strengths and weaknesses of all the Different types of personalities.

The MainDifferent Types of Personalities

1. Introverts

An introvert is basically a person who possess specific qualities and a different personality type known as introversion.

They are usually more comfortable being with two or three people in comparison to a whole group.

Mostly they like to work on their own ideas and thoughts rather than thinking or wondering what is going around the world.

It also means they may be a shy person or they mostly prefer to be alone all the time.

But it applies only on few introverts as many of them are not so.

Introverts who are shy often end up being uncomfortable when they go around in public.

They are also very nervous when they are asked to deal with a stranger.

Also, it has been noticed that they spend a lot of time on their thoughts alone and thus they are very creative.

These personality mostly quiet when it comes to go and hangout in a group.

Introverts are one of the famous types of personalities.

Signs of an introvert personality:

  • Introverts often take time to make decisions.
  • They do not prefer group discussion activities.
  • Like to write things rather than talking about it.
  • Possess only limited friends and are very close to them.
  • They are mostly Self-aware.
  • Often use their imaginations to deal with the problems.
  • Needs extreme silence to concentrate on their work.
  • Think before they act.

Different myths about an introvert:

Basically, many people have different myths regarding an introvert depending upon their own view.

One of the basic myth regarding an introvert is that they are shy.

Whereas some of them are not as they have a little different personality compared to them.

It is because they refuse to work in group and like to spend time alone.

As they do not have a large group of friends people think they are unfriendly.

There is also a reason behind this thinking as they avoid conversations and social gatherings.

Speciality of Introvert Personality:

Introverts are so imaginative and creative and as result also possess the qualities of a leader.

But most people think of an extrovert personality when it comes to become a leader or say the boss of the company.

Because of this they often assume that introverts cannot be a great leader.

Whereas introverts also prefer specific skills like focused on their goals, listening to the employees very patiently, etc.

Introverts don’t get open up with someone very quickly, Not even for a small talk.

They often make conversations with only those who are closed to them (say two or three people).

These few people’s mean world to them, Seeing to it, people say they are difficult to understand.

Introverts can do anything and everything for the ones closed to them, They possess the quality of a real buddy.

2. Extroverts

Extroverts are a person who feels free and enjoy being themselves, They are mostly talkative and usually make lot of friends.

They are not at all nervous while talking to strangers, in fact they do it with great enthusiasm.

They are also very good at joining the conversations and meeting new people all around.

Extroverts mainly don’t hesitate to say or do something they would like to.

They often spend more time in doing social activities and making new friends.

It has also been noticed that they develop energy by being around with people.

Similarly, they also love to discuss their ideas with different people.

Also they enjoy spending more and more time with people by interacting with them.

They do not have stage fear and are very confident.

They are mainly engaged in risk taking behaviors.

It has also been suggested by researchers that extroverts are more happier than introverts.

Signs of an extrovert personality:

  • Act before thinking.
  • Hate to spend time alone.
  • Always want to be the center of attention.
  • Mostly get involved in group works.
  • Loves talking rather than writing.
  • They like sharing ideas and feelings.
  • Willing to take risks.
  • Turn innovative when problems arise.

The positive side of an extrovert is that they are commonly described as enthusiastic, confident, Very much friendly, outgoing, etc.

The negative side describes them as an attention- seeker, get distracted very easily, unable to spend time alone etc.

Different myths about an extrovert:

Many of us may think that extroverts can speak continuously for hours as they love to interact with people.

This is why we assume that they can never stop talking.

Speciality of Extrovert Personality:

As they are of confident nature and they have the guts to speak freely, that doesn’t mean that they spend all their time speaking their heart and mind.

Extroverts do get energetic when they are around people but that doesn’t mean they do not want to spend some little time with their own self by lying on the bed or listening to some music etc.

There are also various things that make us believe that they hate being alone all the time.

They do hate being alone but not all the time, Well, this kind of privacy is a must for everyone.

As extroverts are bold and can handle things doesn’t mean life is easier for them.

They are comfortable when it comes to dealing with a stranger but life is not easier for everyone and not for them as well.

They also deal with their work problems  and have to manage their stress at the same time.

3. Ambiverts

Ambiverts are someone who possess both type of personalities  (Introvert and Extrovert).

You can be closer to any of these two sides ( introvert and extrovert).

As ambiverts lie in the middle of the two sides their behavior depends upon the present situation.

At the same time, an ambivert also knows how to deal with the positive aspects of both the Personality traits.

They are often very comfortable when it comes to face the stage but also know when to step back, They are keen to develop deep bonds as well.

They like to spend time with people but no for a longer period of time.

Signs of an Ambivert personality:

  • They are good listeners and communicators as well.
  • Enjoy being social but value their alone time.
  • Have the capability to regulate the behavior accordingly.
  • Qualities like understanding and empathy are natural within them.
  • Often able to provide balances into various situations.
  • Easily adjustable between introverts and extroverts when the situation demands.

Speciality of Ambivert Personality:

Most of the people lie into an ambivert personality trait which involves both the personalities of introverts and extroverts.

They can handle any situation calmly and they excel in their career as they use both the qualities of an introvert and extrovert personality.

Similarly, they often tend to be less extreme in any specific characteristics.

As a result, there is not one single definition to define an ambivert.

Personality and its Different Types of Personalities

Every person often possesses a unique combination of four types of personalities (includes type A, B, C, D).

All of us should know to identify these personalities on the basis of their actions.

These help you to maintain interpersonal skills and helps you to maintain a higher level of understanding too.

Also, it may prove helpful in case you need to hire employees into your company by knowing their exact skills.

Type A personality: Personality Traits With A

These type of personality is goal- oriented and likes to be themselves.

They demand their own freedom/independence and do not like restrictions imposes on them.

Also, they are always ready to take challenges and prove themselves.

However, they are also termed as workaholics as they do not see the time while working on their goals.


  • Type A personality are multi-taskers.
  • Very passionate and ambitious towards their goals.
  • Have the ability to take on the responsibilities.
  • Possess good administrative skills.
  • Work well independently and want maximum freedom.
  • They are very competitive in nature.


  • Very impatient.
  • Difficult to understand.
  • Get angry very easily.
  • Often very stubborn.
  • They tend to be workaholics.

Type B personality: Personality Traits With B

Type B personality is very outgoing, energetic and likes being with people.

They always want to be the center of attraction and are very good in building relationships.

If you want to do something good for them then just give them compliments, acknowledge them, etc.

They just love to talk about themselves and are very self- centered.

Mostly they do not prefer those people or things that distract the attention.


  • They are very enthusiastic.
  • Very friendly in nature.
  • Liked by the majority of people.
  • They are self- confident.
  • They are good motivators.
  • Often very attractive and light-hearted.


  • Get bored very easily.
  • Finds it difficult to be alone.
  • Try doing multiple things together.
  • Arrogant by behavior.
  • They are self- involved.

Type C personality: Personality Traits With C

These personalities are detail oriented and get involved into the things that can be controlled.

They are very quiet and know when to speak and what to speak especially when you are around people.

They are very logical, They hate people who are full of hype.

Mostly they are prepared to handle any type of situation all around.

They always want perfection in all that they do.


  • They are very creative.
  • Well organized.
  • Always accurate.
  • Very intelligent.
  • They are independent and imagination at the same time.
  • Follow the appropriate rules.


  • Deals with critical behavior.
  • Cannot meet his/ her expectations.
  • Do things in their way.
  • They often overthink about their progress.
  • Do not believe it easily.

Type D personality: Personality Traits With D

They often crave for respect, sincerity and acceptance of other people.

They like doing the same thing again and again as they believe that it may make them masters in that particular field.

TYPE D Peoples normally keep their feelings to themselves and do not socialize anything.

Also, they are well organized, compassionate, and very caring.


  • Very calm in nature.
  • Independent.
  • They are also very sincere.
  • Very trustworthy.
  • Have minimum mood swings.
  • Are very stable.


  • Their feelings get hurt very easily.
  • Do not like constant changes.
  • Used by most of the people.
  • Very shy in front of others.
  • Do not speak up easily.

Type X personality: Personality Traits With X

When two personalities are common between an individual then that individual is termed as type X personality.

Say if an individual possesses the A and B type personality then they will be identified as AX and BX respectively.

Whereas,  it is seen that ( in rare cases) all the four personalities are combined and hence they are termed as type X personality.

All of us belong to different type of personalities and have good and bad side accordingly.

It is very much necessary to know your SWOT analysis ( strength, weakness, opportunities, threats), etc.

On the basis of these analysis an individual can convert their weakness into their strengths .

Also, they can make use of the opportunities and can also deal with the coming threats.


Knowing the different types of personalities may be very helpful when you go for a job or say if someone asks you what’s your strengths, weakness, etc. An individual should know each and every detail regarding themselves especially about their personalities which is indeed necessary.

So tell me in the comments from which types of personalities you belong to.

I hope you like Different types of Personalities Blog and you got the information which you looking for.

Did we miss any point to cover? or every point covered in this blog, just tell me in the comment.

if you have any queries or suggestion then Contact us, and share this blog with your friends.



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