Top 10 tips to Improve Your Concentration and Focus

Top 10 tips to Improve Your Concentration and Focus – If you are looking for How to improve Concentration then you are at the right place, here we shared Top 10 tips to improve your Concentration. 

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Top 10 tips to Improve Your Concentration and Focus

If you want to do mastery in any field you all have to do is to improve your Concentration in that particular field.

Improving concentration means paying close attention to the things you want to be more aware of. Attention plays a very important role in this so the definition of attention we can say
It is the process of focusing on particular resources by ignoring the entire environment”.
Nowadays it is very difficult to pay attention to anything. People can’t focus properly due to various factors like Procrastination, overthinking, wasting time on social media, etc.

After so much research we have shared the top 10 tips for you so that you can understand the secrets to Improve Your Concentration and Focus.

Following are Top 10 tips to Improve Your Concentration and Focus –

1.   Understand what is attention-

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Understand what is Attention.

  1. Nowadays attention is a valuable asset in the world as above mentioned attention is nothing but focusing on resources by ignoring the entire environment.
  2. YouTubeInstagramFacebookSnapchat, and other social media sites have only one target to grab the attention of the audience, that’s why attention is the more valuable asset.
  3. So whenever you try to focus on the things you must have to ignore other factors available in the environment which distract you. 

2.   Minimize All Types Of Distractions-

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Minimize all types of distractions.

  1. Distractions are the main cause that people can’t focus properly; there are two types of distractions first is the external distraction it may in the form of unwanted noise, unsuitable environment, phone calls, etc.
  2. Another one is internal distractions it contains fatigue, hunger, illness, worrying, and daydreaming.
  3. You have to minimize your distractions and maximize your attention in order to consume any type of information or acquire any kind of skills.

3.   Fulfill The Wiring of Brain-

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Fulfill The Wiring Of Brain
  1. By fulfilling the wiring of Brain you can improve your concentration. In order to fulfill the wiring, you have to train your brainby playing brain games like Sudoku, Chess, Puzzle, Memory game, etc.
  2. After doing this your mind will free to focus more efficiently than before.
  3. Also, you can give messages to your brain every morning because in the morning brain accepts instructions more accurately.

4.   Remove Sensory and Emotional Types Of Stress-

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Remove sensory and emotional types of stress

  1. Sensory stress affects general health conditions such as anxiety, anticipation, fatigue, and Stress beyond receptivity.
  2. If you successfully remove all sensory stress then you will focus 10 times better than before.
  3. Anger, restlessness, trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much, worrying too much is the part of emotional types of stress.
  4. Extract all types of emotions from your goals and you will focus more confidently.

5.   Bring Bottom-Up Mind and Top-Down Mind Together-

Types of mind, Top 10 tips to Improve Your Concentration and Focus
Bottom-up Mind and Top-down mind
  1. We have two types of mind one is Bottom-up and other one is Top-down. In simple words, Bottom-up is Decision making and Top-down is a rational mind.
  2. The bottom-up mind takes decisions, works automatically, and faster than top-down. It gathers parallel information for eg. If you are an animal lover and you went to see the circus, then enjoy the circus as well as observe the animals.
  3. If you are a cricket lover and you went to watch the match at the same time you enjoy the match as well as analyze the match at every point.
  4. The bottom-up mind makes habits while the top-down mind works slowly and you can break any habit with this mind.
  5.  With the help of Top-down Mind, you can control your emotion because it is conscious mind while bottom-up is unconscious mind.
  6.  Try to mix things up so think wisely and do not make fast decisions, try to control emotions, gather parallel information from the conscious mind so that you can understand it correctly.
  7.  You just have to bring both minds together where you need to pay attention.

     Albert Einstein said
The intuitive mind is a sacred Gift and Rational mind is faithful Servant”

  • We should use our rational mind it can control your intuitive mind in any circumstances.

6.   Have Open Spontaneous Awareness-

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Open spontaneous Awareness
  1. Open spontaneous awareness brings a lot of information about what’s going on around us. It is the type of information already available in our minds.
  2. Writers and poets have this kind of mindset but they also obey the principle of Focusing gold driven attention, which defines one time you should do only one task.
  3. With open spontaneous awareness, you will have a creativemindset and creative thinking. With gold driven attention you can perform one task at one time.
  4. Always use this principle so you can focus on one thing at a time by applying information available in your mind. 

7.   Prefer Reflection Over Rumination-

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Prefer Reflection Over Rumination

  1. Rumination is not just about animals, we humans often do this in the form of keep thinking about our problems rather than solving them. You should try to reflect everything instead of just moving around one thing.
  2. Be a problem-solving personality; don’t just think about your situation try to solve it.
  3. Keeping reflection in mind can keep you focused on anything.

8.   Have Strong Will power For Smart Practices-

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Have strong will power for smart practices
  1. Having a strong will for your goals can eliminate all kinds of distractions. It helps in smart practices for your clear goals.
  2. Smart practices are the sum of taking feedback from your friends and family about your work, away from comfort, pushing your limits in tough situations, and mainly having a purposeful and clear goals.
  3. Strong willpower forces you to focus on the things that help you to achieve your goals.

9.   Restore the Attention-

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Restore the attention by feeling Nature

  1. Whenever we learn, we read, we perform any kind of tasks so usually we take a moment to grasp it accurately, similarly attention also, take some time.
  2. Our brain gets tired so it needs perfect rest in order to focus on various things. When we take rest the date available in our mind automatically restores.
  3. Rest is not about watching video watching movies; playing games etc. rest should be natural like walking, sleeping 7-8 hours, meditating, feeling natural beauty, etc.

10.   Stop Multitasking-

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Stop multitasking
  1. We should not put pressure on our minds by doing multiple tasks at once. Try to focus on one task at a time. It gives your mind away to think properly.
  2. Have a strong desire to focus, give yourself reasons for why you should focus; understand how your brain mechanismworks.
  3. Do one task at a time and maintain a safe the environment around you, remove internal distractions and understand how long you can focus.

Author of “DEEP WORK” book CAL NEWPORT said
“When you switch from task A to task B your attention doesn’t immediately follow, your attention remains stuck in thinking about the previous task”

Conclusion: – 
Don’t get disappointed because of you can’t concentrate, your concentration takes some time to switch one task to another.
It depends on person to person how much time he/she takes to concentrate. Once you understand the above given 10 tips after that you will concentrate 10 times better than before.

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