Third Battle of life

   Lets win the third battle….

     Third battle….is the real morning booster. Yes with this you can achieve your goals, Dreams, etc. This battle starts in between your mind and your body. Your mind do not allow get up and go for workout So first of all atleast you have To  start waking up early.
         To achieve your goals you need to be in shape. In your entire life you have dedicated towards your body. It doesn’t mean that you should increase your muscles and lifting heavy weights. Instead of that you might have start meditation. But if you start meditation after some time your consistansy fails.
           Your success is proportional to shape of your body. “If you give sufficient time to your body then your body give you more time, more thinking ability, more energy”. If you think carefully you observed many time you get tired at the end of the working day. But if you keep working on your body your working time will automatically  increase.
         Now here comes the solution of the third battle. To triumph this battle you have to win First and second battle respectively. For this After you wake up in the morning drink half litre water. Then meditate for 10-15 minutes. After closing your eyes keep your focus in between your eyes. And keep saying your self ‘patience.. Patience.. Patience.. Patience…. ‘ with the time this word will become in reality and Your mind and your body will work together in result you will get clear path for excersise as well as more energy to increase your working hours……
Have a nice day, take care…
Published by – Er.Indra.R.Nishad
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