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courses after 12th commerce

After completing your 12th commerce, you need to choose your career wisely, here we have brought the Best Courses After 12th Commerce.

This course list and information regarding course will help you to choose a better career option after 12th Commerce.

Students who have completed their 12th in Science can visit Best Courses After 12th Science.

Commerce is a popular stream among all HSC Courses, there are lots of career options in commerce stream.

Bachelor of Commerce / B.Com is the most popular course for commerce students, many more courses are there we will see in this Blog.

Commerce Defination

Definition of commerce – Commerce is a trade of business and corporate world that contains legal, economic, technological, political, social, and cultural studies.

Business studies, Account studies, and Economic studies are core subjects in commerce trade, while mathematics studies are optional.

The stream of commerce can be classified into two groups: commerce with mathematics and commerce without mathematics.

If you are ready to choose courses after 12th commerce, then, first of all, understand the need to choose better career options after 12th commerce.

Need to choose better career options after 12th commerce

Nowadays better education is necessary for every student to create a perfect career and a perfect future.

Students are wandering everywhere to choose the right career option, but they are unable to find the right path for themselves.

There is no fault of the students, the main reason behind this is unemployment in the country.

Fearing unemployment, students are hesitant to choose a career, fearing whether they will get a job or not.

Many of you are reading this, you also fear unemployment, right?

But friends, this is not the time to think about the right scope, this is the time to join the scope that you like the most.

Advice for 12th Commerce Students

Students who are perusing 12th commerce now should start to think about career options after 12th commerce.

They can also prefer this blog to choose the right career option after their 12th commerce.

Students from commerce can appear for CAT, XAT, MAT Exams, they should start preparation from now for MBA, BBA, and other entrance exams.

For better study methods you can visit Best ways to study.

Career options after 12th Commerce

There are lots of career options after 12th commerce.

All you have to do is find your interest and choose the course you like the most and you will complete with full of confidence.

After completing 12th in commerce stream you have lots of options to choose from BBA and B.Com.

Apart from these two courses, there are many courses to join after 12th commerce.

Students who have studied 12th Commerce with Mathematics can choose B.Com honours.

Students who have studied 12th commerce without mathematics can choose B.Com general.

Eligibility for Commerce Courses

The first question for 12th students is they are eligible or not for courses.

Completing 12th commerce is necessary to join any of undergraduate courses.

Also you can apply for integrated courses like BBA+MBA, B.Com+M.Com, etc.

Merit list and the cutoff list depend upon that particular university, Institutions, and entrance exams.

Courses After 12th Commerce With Mathematics

  • B.Com Statistics – 3 Years
  • B.Com in Accounting – 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Finance – 3 Years
  • B.C.A – Bachelor of Computer Application – 3 Years
  • B.Com in Economics – 3 Years
  • B.Com in Management Accounting3 Years

Courses After 12th Commerce without Mathematics

  • B.Com in Business Administration – 3 Years
  • B.Com in Tourism and Travel Management – 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing – 3 Years

The Best Courses After 12th Commerce

  • B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce – 3 Years
  • B.M.S – Bachelor of Management Studies – 3 Years
  • B.B.A – Bachelor in Business Administration – 3 Years
  • B.B.A – Bachelor of Business Studies – 3 Years
  • B.A.F – Bachelor of Accounting and Finance – 3 Years
  • B.C.A – Bachelor of Computer Application – 3 Years
  • B.H.M – Bachelor of Hotel Management – 3 Years
  • B.M.M – Bachelor of Mass Media – 3 Years
  • C.A – Chartered Accountancy – [Duration Depends on Training on course]
  • C.S – Company Secretary – [Duration Depends on Training on course]
  • C.F.A – Chartered Financial Analyst – 2-5 Years
  • M.B.A – Master in Business Administration – 5 Years if Integrated
  • LLB – (Bachelor of Law)5 Years
  • B.Ed – Diploma in Education – 2 Years

Jobs for Commerce Students

There are lots of job opportunities for commerce students.

All you have to do is choose the course which you like and you can complete it without any pressure.

As we all know commerce is one of the best streams apart from science and arts.

Nowadays people from commerce stream are choosing sectors like Business, Corporates, Marketing, Finance, Insurance & Banking, etc.

After completing the course you can go for – Jobs For Commerce Students

  • Finance Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Economist
  • Sales Manager

Actually every field needs people from commerce background.

In every sector like Business, Manufacturing, Industrial, Production, Banking, Hospitals & Corporates, etc commerce students needed.

Just don’t wait for opportunities, have skills, and create opportunities for yourselves.

Because once you will have a habit of waiting, you will face many problems in your life.

Final Message for 12th Passed Commerce Student

Guys, it is our responsibility as a youth to think about the progress of the country, we should be able to bear the responsibility of the nation on our shoulders.

To be worthy you have to choose a career option which you like the most, which you can learn without any pressure, which you can accomplish happily.

People will blame you now for choosing the wrong career.

and people will even blame you when you complete your studies, people will keep blaming you.

People will keep saying because they don’t have any work apart from this, But you have to be stable in every situation.

I hope you like Courses After 12th Commerce Blog and you got the information which you looking for and tell me in the comment box which information you like the most.

Hope you will find better course for yourself after reading this blog, share this blog as much as possible with your friends.

Suggest topics on which I should write the next blog.

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