Second Battle of life

      ..Lets win the second battle..

       Second battle……YES with the morning after the first battle immediately the second battle starts. It starts with your smartphone. After waking up Every person has a habit To turn on the phone,  turn on data connection after that Instagram,  WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.
        Some people want to get rid of that habit, But they can’t. They attract Interesting massages, interesting posts and interesting news feeds. Once they start surfing time goes very fastly than they think.
          To break this habit, first of all, you have to start winning the first battle. As you win the First battle automatically your mind will be in your control but The attraction of social media is at a very higher level. So it will take some time. But definitely you will break this habit.
         Whenever you are going to bed keep your phone 3-4 feet away from your bed. When you woke up first thing comes in your mind let’s see the messages …posts… Feeds etc. But you have to say yourself If “I turn on My smartphone, definitely it will take more time and these posts, messages and feeds are only for a moment, it is only Mommentry happiness”. After that, your mind will definitely give you a bunch of reasons to keep away yourself from your mobile.
           With the time your mind will Act according to you. Yes, it is true that in today’s world no one can survive without a smartphone. For this, you might have started 5 hours rule.  You could start your phone for five hours since you woke up. So with the time, you will win the second battle…….also
Have a good day,  take care
Published by – Er.Indra.R.Nishad
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