Rethinking Is the best solution to Every Problem


        Every problem has solution. There is no problem in the entire world without solution. Solution of the every problem is fully depend upon how you see the problem, doesn’t matter how big is. It is all about your perspective. For example If you stuck in problem and it doesn’t solve even after so many attempts so you have to Rethink about problems because Sometimes it looks like six from one side and nine from other side. You just have to try the all possible sides of solutions.
      In todays world most of suicides happens only because they are stuck in problem and they don’t try to solve it in different manner. They look at only one solution that is suicide. The thought process at that time is at zero level it can’t reach at higher level. In this types of situations if we rethink about solutions from different side apart from suicide then definitely we will get an effective solution. 
         According to me if you think about something and you want to do this particular thing, there is difference between thinking and converting it into action is near about 5-10 seconds. It means every thinking takes 5-10 seconds period to convert it into action. For example if you want to turn on the TV then after 5-10 seconds you convert it into action, If you want to talk someone you talk after 5-10 second of thinking, if you want play particular shot while playing cricket you play after 5-10 seconds.
      there are many problems which revolves in our mind we just all have to do is to take perfect advantage of those 5-10 second periods. You have to rethink about solution in those 5-10 second. Your mind will give several solution. In those 5-10 seconds you have to Change the direction of thinking. All kind of Solutions are already fit in your mind. You just have to try the different sides of solutions.
         We face one more big problem we think to buy something from mall but once we enter after that we buy those things as well which is not needed. We thinks there is need of all these product but when first thought Comes in our mind to buy those products, then just stop and think 5-10 second is there is any need of these products now? Definitely your thinking will change. 
      So Rethinking can be the best solution of most of problems happens in our life. If you want to buy something RETHINK, want to speak something RETHINK, want to go somewhere RETHINK, want to watch something RETHINK,  want to give something RETHINK, situations in which feels to suicide RETHINK.
   the most effective action to solve the problem is RETHINK and have conversation with loved ones.
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