No one cares……

No one cares……

             In todays world People observes you when you are doing the worst but when you are trying hard for something, when you are doing good for someone, when you are doing well NO ONE CARES. You may have seen many examples nearby like you are struggling for your job or you are not getting a job then people starts blaming you for whatever you have done. Once you get a job you are happy with this job but NO ONE CARES.

    ·   In following situations You feel they care but they don’t ….

1. When you are surrounded with many people……

                   Sometimes you go through a bad phase in your life and you feel very sad at that moment. You think that somebody should come to heal you, to ask you what is going on, to ask you why you are so sad, why you are feeling so alone. But actually there is big difference between your and their thinking.
                   If you are dealing with a big problem in your life one thing you should keep in your mind. Problem is yours and you have to deal with it alone. No one will come to ask you about solution of your problem except some people.
                   Everyone will come to tell you that how big problem it is, you cannot find solution, there is no chance to solve this problem, etc. this is the reality of people around us. They actually don’t care about you, your problems, your situations, your happiness, your sadness so don’t rely on people around you. You are capable and you have the power to solve any type of problem in the world just BELIEVE IN YOURSELF not on what other people says.

2.   When you get some unexpected behavior from loved ones….

                 Love is very important factor in our life. Love is everywhere in the world in the different forms of relations. But do you think ever what is correct meaning of love is? Just ask yourself if answer comes from your heart in fraction of second then you are having incorrect meaning of love. There No word which describes the LOVE. Love itself is the whole world. No one can define accurately. But What if?  When you get unexpected behavior from your loved one…..Let see….
                It depends entirely on the originality of the relationship. You know very well what kind of relationships exists in todays world so there is no need to explain it. If unexpected behavior happens from your loved ones then definitely they will apologies for their behavior. But this will happen only when their relation is true, they really respect their relation, they care about their relation and they don’t want get separated from their relation. But if you don’t find this kind of behavior then you have to think about your relationship. This type of people doesn’t care about their behavior and about their relationship as well.

   3.   Situations in which you want your friends should take care of you……

                   Friends are very important thing in our life. We spend memorable time with our friend than our family. Without friend we are nothing. You expect your friends should support you in tough situations, they should respect your decisions, they should stand with you in ups and downs, they should help you in your bad times, etc. and many more things you expect from them.
                  One thing you should know the law of expectation from me “AS EXPECTATION INCREASES CHANCES OF DISAPPOINTMENT ALSO INCREASES” so if you have expected from your friends so there are lots of chances you will get disappointed. Sometime your true friends also cannot fulfill your expectation it doesn’t mean they don’t care and sometimes normal friends able to fulfill your expectation it doesn’t mean they really care.
                    You should decrease your expectation from your friends either they are true or normal friends. Once you learn to expect less you will see your friends care about you according to their mindset, thinking and capacity. “YOUR TRUE FRIENDS ALWAYS CARE FOR YOU” just expects less from them.

4.   Your family thinks………

                  Your family is an integral part of your life. Family is one who really cares about you, who really thinks about you, who really knows your likes and dislikes, who knows the real you.
                  Sometimes you feel alone even you are surrounded by your family member. You think no one cares about you. This is depend upon how you see your family it is also depend upon your point of view towards your family. Many times the things you love to do, you like the most your family doesn’t like (except some family). They actually don’t think about your interests. They compare you with others; they care about their reputation only not about you.
                 Your family thinks their interests not about yours. You have to convince them about your interests definitely they will support you they will happy with your decisions. And you must think about your family, you should also care about your family definitely they will care for you.

5.   When you have everything…..

                People against you when you are doing the worst but when you do well “No one cares”.
               Similarly when you have nothing you have to observe everyone. Who is against you and who stands with you in every situation. Who is really care about you and who is not. Who shows only they are with you but in reality they are not. Who shows sympathy towards you but actually they don’t care.
                People blame you for whatever you have done, they continuously reminds you why you are unable to succeed. But if you think carefully they are actually forcing you to try hard, try with more efficiency. So don’t get demotivated from this kind of people. Once when you have everything, when you are doing well in your life same people don’t care about you and your success. So assume this kind of people as your source of motivation.

6.   At the end……..

                  Everyone knows no one cares at the end except some cases. You may have seen many old couple facing many difficulties in their life. So if you are young now one day you will be also old so plan your journey by assuming no one cares at the end.
                  Gather information regarding indexing the money you have. Learn to save more money for your future. “If save money today money will save you tomorrow”. So choose mentor wisely learn from them how to save, how to index your money. Just keep one thing in your mind “NO ONE CARES AT THE END”.
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