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Creating a blog is like having fun, but many people can’t earn money from it. for them I have a great solution, in this blog, you will learn “How to Make Money from a Blog with”

Blogging is the best way to share your thoughts and thinking process as well, many people around the world have chosen blogging as their profession.

You can share knowledge or you can teach people about anything through blogging, nowadays it is very high in demand.

Not necessary to having writing skills to start a blog, all you need is interest, a laptop, and the internet that’s all.

It means if you have something in mind and it adds value to people’s lives then definitely you should start a Blog.

But one important thing you should know about the Blogging world that is you should only write about the field in which you are passionate.

If you are willing to find passion then you must visit How To Find Your Passion? The Perfect Method to Find Your Passion

Once you find your passion you can start your own blog, in a few days, you will start earning money through blogging.

There are many ways to make money from a blog, but in this blog, I have given one of the best methods to make money from a blog.

In this blog, you are going to learn “How to Make Money from a Blog with”

What is How to Make Money from a Blog With It?

In simple words, is a free and simple way to earn money by publishing guest posts.

You can upload sponsored posts on your blog and get paid.

Also, you can put your blog on their website as well, if your content is fit for their blog.

You have to pay some money to advertise and you can make money from a blog with the help of

Once you build your profile on flyout then an advertiser who is interested in your website gives posts to advertise.

And you upload this post on your blog and you make money from it.

Before entering you should check your website whether you are eligible or not.

It is very simple, let’s get started…

List Your Blog on to Make Money from a Blog

listing your blog on is very simple, it can be done in only 30 seconds.

Yes, just a few numbers of clicks and your flyout account will be ready to use.

Click on

Get Started with

Just you have to provide normal details like blog URL, Site name, etc.

You have to check eligibility first, whether you are eligible or not to enter in the program. created a privacy policy and quality guidelines, you have to qualify from it to run the program.

Guidelines are based on your Website traffic, Quality content, Content consistency, etc.

You can complete this process just only in 3 steps.

1.Check Your Eligibility for

check eligibility
  1. Your Blog should at least 6 months old, and your website should have a minimum of 100 Unique and quality content.
  2. Websites organic traffic for the last 30 days should be at least 10000 ( asks you to verify google analytics during the submission of your blog.)
  3. Your blog should have a very good and creative design and it must have basic pages such as: About us, Contact us and Privacy Policy, etc
  4. Apart from this suggested required websites and blog types that they would accept.

After entering your blog URL, click on Check Eligibility.

Once you found eligible then you have to verify your ownership of your blog.

2. Verify Your Blog Ownership

Verify your blog ownership

In this screen you have to verify your blog ownership.

There are 3 ways to verify your blog ownership.

  1. Add a meta tag into the <Head> tag of your homepage.
  2. Verify ownership via the verification file upload to the root folder (public_html) of your website
  3. Verify your ownership via DNS record.

Once you verify your blog ownership you have to enter blog details.

After that, you are ready to use it.

3. Enter Your Blog Details

Blog details

In this section you have to enter your blog details.

Also, you have to share the price per post you will charge.

Let me tell you briefly

  1. Enter your website category
  2. Enter your contact number
  3. Also, share the price per post you want to charge, and enter the required amount.
  4. And submit website

Once you submit your website, the flyout blog approval team checks your website.

This process appropriately takes 48 hours to inform you whether your submission is accepted or rejected.

If your approval is done then they send mail to inform you.

After that, you can start making money from a blog.

You are in full control of your blog when you use a platform like

Benefits of

  • No investment, gain money.
  • You can set a price that you want
  • More numbers of blogs, more money you earn
  • Your account gets advertisers which are suitable for your content.
  • You can add a filter to choose the post you want to publish
  • You can see all earnings on the dashboard in the payout section
  • Everything available on the dashboard
  • Recently flyout has started an Affiliate program, you can join here
Get Started with

Payment Criteria on

Once you completed the above-given procedure and get approval from the flyout team, then it’s time to make money from a blog.

Maybe you have a question in your mind, how to make money from a blog.

Flyout is the simplest way to make money from a blog, sometimes AdSense approval gets more time but flyout doesn’t.

All you need is to complete the eligibility process and get money instantly, that’s all.

Flyout payments are done to publishers on every 8th to 14th of every month.

Is there any minimum payment threshold on flyout? the answer is “NO”

Whether you earn $20 or $200 you get paid on the 8th-14th every month.

For Indian publisher payments are done by DBT (Direct Bank Transfer), and for other publishers, it is done through PayPal.


This is the best platform for the people who keep questioning “How To Make Money From A Blog” is one of the best and simplest ways to make money from a blog.

If you are a blogger then definitely you should join

Many people making lots of money from it, then why you shouldn’t.

There is no investment, no subscription plan, there is nothing to lose or say invest all there is only gaining.

So I hope you are going to join this program and you will earn lots of money like me and many people around the world

So tell me in the comments how was this Article and I hope you like How To Make Money From A Blog and you got the information which you looking for.

Did we miss any point to cover? or every point covered in this blog, just tell me in the comment.

if you have any queries or suggestion then Contact us, and share this blog with your friends.



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