How to make money with Instagram, 5 Genuine ways to earn money from Instagram.

How to make money with INSTAGRAM

Instagram has now more than 700 Million users now, so it is my responsibility to aware you about how to make money with Instagram.

Everyone is now on Instagram, some are scrolling and some are earning.

From which category you belong? scrolling or earning?

If you don’t know about ways to make money with Instagram then don’t worry, in this blog, you will know absolute ways to How to make money with Instagram.

influencer account

Instagram is widely used as a photo-sharing app, people uploads their daily life pictures on Instagram.

Many influencer are earning only by sharing their photos.

Interest for Instagram is growing very fastly, every business whether it is local or global everyone is now available on Instagram.

Start an Instagram Business Account

First of all you need to start an Instagram account.

If you want to make money with Instagram then you should have Instagram Business Account.

If you really don’t have an Instagram Business account then create it now.

In the business account, you will more control than a personal account, and will see more insights from your account.

The branded content tools are provided by Instagram for Business accounts, you can use it according to your convenience.

Build Your Presense On Instagram

So first start Instagram Business Account to get more freedom for your account.

What if I will tell you a large number of followers are not required, to earn money from Instagram?

Yes, you heard right, it is not like as you think.

A large number of followers don’t matters to making money with Instagram.

100k Fake followers won’t earn money for you right? but 1000 Real followers can make money for you.

So forget that numbers of followers actually matters.


The main thing that matters is “Followers Engagement”, it is all engagement game.

It all depends on how you engage with your audience or your followers.

Just keep in mind that Engagement is the king of the Instagram world.

It depends upon your story engagement, post engagement, comments, likes, etc

So you all have to do is engage with your audience in posts, stories, comment boxes, and build your presence.

So once it is done users will start noticing you.

Engage with your Instagram Audience

As mentioned earlier you have to engage with your audience, you have to interact with your audience.

  • Solve their problems
  • Reply to your followers
  • Just play around comment box
  • Ask them for ideas
  • Do a live session
  • Post regularly

Once you build a proper relationship with your followers or Audience you will get a way to make money.

In the beginning, you have to reply more to your follower, to ensure that you care for them a lot.

And you should take care of your followers because they are the ones who makes you.

The more you engage with your followers more posts and story engagements you will get, so take care of that.

Further we will learn about How to make money with Instagram.

5 Best Ways for How To Make Money With Instagram

1. Sell Photographs / Pictures on Instagram

sell photographs

We all know Instagram is a photo-sharing app.

Then making money with photographs isn’t a bad idea? right?

Nowadays stock photo has high demand, every field needs stock photos, every advertiser, corporates, Digital marketers need stock photos.

So it is a great chance for people with photography skills, even if you don’t have skills but you are interested then go for it.

Learn photography skills and start capturing awesome pictures of your interests.

If you are blogger or youtuber then you know the demand of stock photos.

Steps To sell Photographs on Instagram

  1. Start Instagram photography based account.
  2. Select the best pictures that you captured.
  3. Add square format or Borders to pictures.
  4. Make an experiment with photographs.
  5. Upload it on Instagram.
  6. Give a proper catchy description.
  7. Use 10-15 max Hashtags.
  8. Advertise your pictures.
  9. Use photo selling websites like Foap, Shutterstock, Snapwire, etc
  10. Drive visitors your targeted photographs and make money with them.

2. Make Money With Instagram on Sponsored Posts

sponsored post

The first thing comes in mind while operating Instagram is “Sponsored Posts

Daily we see that more number of the sponsored post comes on our mobile screen when we scroll.

Sponsored posts are approached by various brands.

The simple formula is Brand pays you to upload posts or stories.

But it is not easy as you think, you should have required engagement ratio for your posts and stories.

After that, you will be considered to get sponsored posts by brand.

Influencers are the first choice for sponsored posts, either you should start influencing on Instagram or start Niche based Instagram Business Account.

Steps To Make Money From Sponsored Posts

  1. Select a Niche of your interest.
  2. Start uploading your Niche based content.
  3. Interact with your audience.
  4. Check insights after every post.
  5. Improve according to analytics.
  6. Post on a daily basis.
  7. Engage with your followers.
  8. Build your online presence.
  9. Brands will approach you according to your engagement ratio.
  10. Build a relationship with the brand and start making money.

3. Make Money With Instagram in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Instagram influencers having a large number of followers do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

But it is not necessary to have a large number of followers to start affiliate marketing.

All you should have is a trusted follower base, they will select the products you advertise.

If you want know more about influencer program you can visit “Amazon Influencer Program“.

Let come to our topic, even if you don’t have a large number of followers you can do affiliate marketing through Instagram.

Let me tell you how,

  1. You must start a niche website or application.
  2. According to your website, you advertise products on your Instagram account.
  3. Your followers will engage in posts that you advertise.
  4. Give your website link in your bio.
  5. Once your followers like products from your account they will reach your website through your given link.
  6. They purchase and you will earn money through affiliate marketing.

Steps To Make Money With Instagram Affiliate Marketing

  1. Start a Niche Based website.
  2. Join affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate, Commission Junction, Flipkart affiliate, etc
  3. Start posting pictures related to your niche.
  4. Create a dedicated follower base.
  5. Interact and engage with your followers.
  6. Provide a website link in your Bio.
  7. Build a strong relationship with your follower.
  8. Give reasons to buy products from your link.
  9. Advertise products in post, stories, etc
  10. Sell products and earn money through affiliate marketing.

4. Make Money with Instagram By Selling Digital Products

Digital products

Can I sell digital products on Instagram? Yes, you can sell digital products.

There is only one condition is that doesn’t sell copied products, it will ban your program, only you can sell those products which you have rights to sell.

Sell products that you created, or sell when you have the right to sell that particular product.

Your digital products can be in the form of E-Books, Courses, Audio, or Videos.

All you should have is a perfect interest to develop, advertise, and sell the products.

Because it takes time, you should work with lots of patience, once you establish yourself after that you can sell any product easily.

Steps To Earn Money Through Digital Products

  1. Find your interest area so you can create a product accordingly.
  2. Learn skills to create digital products. (E-Books, Courses, Audio, etc.)
  3. Create lots of in-demand products.
  4. Join platforms like Shopify, Sellfy, EasyDigitalDownloads, etc.
  5. Create an Instagram account for your related products.
  6. Upload daily content related to your products.
  7. Interact and Engage with your audience.
  8. Build a relationship with your audience.
  9. Advertise the product that you have created.
  10. Provide a link in Bio and start earning money by selling products.

5. Make Money With Instagram By Becoming an Entrepreneur

If you want to become an entrepreneur then one thing is clear that you want to sell a product or service that you have created right?

Then choosing Instagram can be the best idea to make money.

Instagram supports entrepreneurs to build large customer base.

Instagram has over 700 Million+ users, so chances to gain lots of customer on Instagram is very High.

rad slime Instagram account

This is the Instagram account of @rad.slime they have created their own product called Slime.

They are running a successful business model through Instagram, and they are driving millions of visitors to their site.

They selling more products by doing online advertising on Instagram.

rad slime posts

Same you can also create Business model for yourself.

You can also make lots of money through Instagram.

Steps To Make Money By Becoming an Entrepreneur

  1. Create an In-Demand product.
  2. Create a Website for your product.
  3. Find a suitable audience for your product.
  4. Create Instagram Business Account.
  5. Build a large number of followers. (Organic Follower)
  6. Interact and Engage with your follower.
  7. Tell them about a product through posts and stories.
  8. Advertise a variety of products.
  9. Also, introduce a key product.
  10. Establish a brand and make money.

I hope you like How to make money with Instagram Blog and you got the information which you looking for and tell me in the comment box which information you like the most.

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