How to handle DO OR DIE situations



               Do or die is phrase which describe the significant meaning about life of Human Being. You have to accept the bitter truth there is no one who will do it for you. You have to do it yourself whatever it is. If still you are thinking someone else will fulfill your dreams then immediately stop thinking about it.
               In Entire world there are many people who rely on others, but they don’t know they are keeping themselves in comfort zone. Comfort zone never give you success if you are living in it then leave it early as possible. Every success story has Do or Die situation. You also have to know these types of situations. Once you know these types of situation you will come to know “doing something in order to achieve our goals is more important than enjoying comfort zone”.
              Do or Die situations happen when you need something at any cost and you are unable to get things you need. To gain those things you have to do it something to for it.  If you convert this situation into proper workflow, then you will be considered in group of 5% of people in the world who are doers. Doers are the one who keep working on those things which frequently comes in their mind. Life gives you many opportunities in which two options given as do or die. If you are reading this definitely you prefer to do. In brief ‘Do’ means working towards success and ‘Die’ means keep enjoying comfort zone. Many people always prefer comfort instead of Doing. They never know the comfort they are enjoying actually it will lead them towards downgrading in their life.
             Your mind plays key role in every action you perform in your daily life. Now just ask yourself why are you are reading this.Your mind will give you many reasons why you are reading this, Now stop reading and just observe your mind. Your mind will stop reading this. Means your mind always listen what you are saying to yourself. Like this if you say to yourself to do something your mind automatically gives you many ways and many reasons to do this particular things. You just all have to do is keep saying to your mind do it at any cost, never show any spark of comfort otherwise your mind will switch towards ‘DIE’. In order to complete any Task with the help of your mind you just have to clear your ‘WHY’. You must clear about why you are doing this, what will be the end result after doing this. If you keep working according to your plan then comfort will never catch you.
          You should take the Phrase ‘DO OR DIE’ as SUCCESS OR COMFORT; this will be the perfect meaning for it. If you want to achieve the impossible you must fool your mind. Keep saying to your mind success will give you real joy rather than comfort, then your mind will start working to reach the success. At the end your mind will clear about “doing something to reach at the top one day is better than dying for bad things everyday”.


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