First Battle of life

         .. let’s win the first battle.

      Battle……it sounds like different when we relate this word with the morning. This battle is in between you and your bed. Many times you decide that I will wake up early in the morning. But when the time comes to your bed not allow to wake you up. At that time battle starts…
      Your mind says take more short naps after that I will……then after some time mind says take one more.
         In this kind of situation, 80-90 % of people take a nap. Remaining 10% are on the winning side. Why they won that’s not much important than how they won. One simple trick you have to use and the trophy is yours means you will be on the winning side.
        While you open your eyes you have to say one thing to your mind this is the first opportunity if I will win this then my confidence will be boosted. After that you have to count down 5..4..3..2..1..Go…..automatically your bed will release you.
         With the time you will make habit of winning the first battle. As a result, your day will start with great enthusiasm and great confidence with a controlled mind.
Have a good day,  take care…

Published by – Er. Indra.R.Nishad

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