Find yourself who the Real you

 Real you….

       In the entire world only few people can see themselve, who they are in real. They can detect easily what they have to do, what they have to ignore,  what they have to accept. They know very well how people treat them, And how to react with those people. If people know that, who they are in real then life will be much easier than right now they living. 
          Sometimes Situations is bad… And Sometimes worst also at that time people feel that they are responsible for this situation, they feel sad in that situation. But people who knows who they are in real, those situations can’t affect on them. Because they know ho to handle that situations. If you want to be stable in any situations you have to act like water. It will be stable until you touch that. In Any type of situations you just have to keep one thing in your mind in the entire world any kind of situations can’t harm you physically. So one thing is clear it can’t affect on your body. This is first step to Know real you. 
          Sometimes our mind keep reminding again and again those things which we don’t want  to remember. In this type of situations you have to do one thing keep your attention on your respiration. Whatever is going near you. You should just keep your eyes on breathing. Only see that how you breathing. Once you try you will  find that situations is removed from your mind. After that you feel that Your mind  can work on your instructions. If you try this step then any kind of situations in the world can be solved By this small stuff. 
         Last step is your needs. Everyone has some goals, ambitions. But they are not so confident about that. In this situations make one list in which mention 50 things which you want to achieve in your life. And sort out best five things you want to achieve. And keep working on that. Definitely you will reach your goals. Once you achieve those five automatically remaining 45 Also come to you. So apply all three steps in your life to know the “REAL YOU”
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