Find happiness everywhere it will empower you

Find happiness everywhere it will empower you…..


         Find happiness everywhere it will empower you, yes you read it right. Every human being faces a bad situation in their daily life. Sometimes they broke and sometimes they survive. You, people, know very well the value of happiness there is no need to explain it. Now just think you know how to be happy in every situation but it will happen when you read this entire blog.

1.  While working in your workplace….
         Working with different people in your workplace gives you different experiences every time. Sometimes you get happy and sometimes you get disappointed. Being disappointed with something is not a good deal for your working nature. But once you know how to deal with every situation in your workplace you will work happier than ever.

         Many situations occur in which you feel to leave that work or you decide to change that workplace. Staying away from your problems or leaving your problems as it is, is not the solution. You have to destroy your problems from its roots. To solve this problem you need to understand the form of problems.   

         Normally the problem occurs in any organization with any employee is regarding the nature of the senior staff. Often seniors shout at their employees without any reason. At that time you have to understand they just try to remind you, you are a junior and you have to listen to them. It does not mean you are doing wrong. You should focus on your inner voice, not on their voice. They shout and they go they don’t care what you feel. Just listen to them and let them go. If they are shouting at you without any reason it does not mean they know more than you. In reality, they don’t know half of you.
         You all have to do is listen to them, think, and observe everything. Speak when there is a need to speak otherwise stay quiet and observe that’s it. “While you are working in your workplace listening, thinking and observing will empower you” and it will make you happy in every situation.
2.  When you are in a relationship….
          Any relationships play a vital role in our life. Your happiness fully depends upon how your relationship is going on. Just ask yourself if you are really happy with your relationship or you are acting like you are happy. You will know more clearly about your relationship after reading the following paragraph.

         Often you check their social media timelines, you check there likes and dislikes on their social handles. Even if you know they are loyal to you sometimes one question comes they are loyal? If this kind of sign comes in your mind when you are not happy with your relation. Even you feel you are happy but in reality, you are not.

         One thing keeps in your mind while you are in a relationship don’t try to test the loyalty of your partner. If he or she is wrong it will come in front of you at the right time. Don’t play a game in your relation just try to enjoy every moment. Have the courage to be sorry even if they are wrong. Because this is your relationship and you have to accept their mistakes, sadness, happiness, etc. do not depend on others to manage your relationship no one will come to you to solve your problems.

        If you want a last long relationship then you have to take the problem as a situational problem. “Do not judge them according to problems. Solve the problem by understanding the situation rather than blaming them”.Once you learn these things your relationship will be the happiest.  
3.  When people don’t understand you….
         What you feel, what you want to say, why you won’t say. These things you understand but people are unable to understand. People are not interested in your happiness as well as sadness. They don’t care about which phase you are going through. They ignore you when you try to say something.

         When they don’t understand you then don’t run behind them. You don’t need to prove yourself in front of them. One thing keeps in your mind you are unique and you are special. You are not here to convince them, you are not here to beg people to understand you and you are not here to beg people to love you.   You are here to establish your incredible character.

         “One day all your hard work will pay off. By keeping this sentence in your mind you will create a source of happiness in your mind and now you don’t need to people understand you. Keep working one-day entire world will love you”.
4. Satisfied but still looking for happiness….
                Life gives you everything you should have a strong desire for your dream. After that destiny works for you and gives you wisely whatever you want. Every rich person on the earth once had a strong desire for their dream. After that, they worked for that and they got whatever they wanted.
           Even if you are satisfied with your present situation you still look for happiness. For example, people who live away from their home, family, and friends. They have everything except friends and family. In this kind of situation best comes out from you. This is the right time to know who the real you. What are your strength and weakness? You should use your strength to overcome the weakness. You will come to know everything which you are unable to know when you were with your family and friends.
            In this situation, you have to create an atmosphere for happiness. You should convince your mind to be stable in one direction. The direction is nothing but working on your passion when you are free, travel as much you can, speak more and more with new people, try to enjoy every moment, start meditating in the morning. Take care of your health because the “healthier you are richer you will be and richer you are happier you will be”.
6.  Your Children’s happiness matters most…….
           Your children’s happiness matters most. Nowadays everyone attracts social media, the internet, etc. children are also one of them. Many children are addicted to mobiles. Their parents get worried because of their addiction. But in reality, the main cause of their addiction are parents themselves.  
         When parents use mobile in front of their children they are teaching their children how to use it. The simple reason is they saw and they try to learn. Similarly, we set an alarm on mobile instead of an alarm, we see the calendar on mobile, we take pictures from mobile and we shoot videos. Even if all tools are separately available.
         Again we have to start using that separate tools for a better future. It will also help us with our Childs bright future. So think about it.
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