Create Yourself to know your worth

            Create Yourself…

     To know your worth you have to create yourself. In the entire world creating yourself is one of the best art. Creating yourself is the stuff in which you will know how much worthy you are. If it is found you will get purpose of your life. Once purpose found your life will be easier.

       Many people say that find your passion and follow it to become successful. But what about those people who are unable to find their passion. They can’t find their passion even they don’t know which work or task is more suitable for them. This all type of questions can be figured out while creating yourself. Creating yourself is all about your interests. You have to try new things to do,  you should try various games,  you should try some social work, you should play around new gadgets, you should adapt technical, economical, environmental changes.

       Try most of the things from social media like instagram, facebook, YouTube, etc search various skills which solves peoples problems. Read lot about that try to learn those skills. After trying many ways on social media you will definitely meet your interests   Later you will know which task is suitable for you. Which work is most satisfying . In my opinion it is all about creating your passion rather than finding. Once it is created you will know how worthy you are.

         Every person should have goals, ambition. If you are reading this definitely you also have goals, ambitions. Therefore try to divide goals in short parts. Write everything on paper and categorise it according to your age, your financial conditions. make list of short term and long term goals. To create yourself be close to your goals. Don’t let others opinions to ruin your plans, your thoughtprocess. That’s why you should “Create yourself so you will know your worth before people tell you”.  So keep working, keep growing, Keep thinking And keep Dreaming.


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