Competition with yourself


         Competition is a word that has lots of meanings. The definition of competition is not cleared yet. Some people say it is nothing but to compete with someone,  some people say it is the process in which our ability tested, some say it is the procedure to determine people’s ability by comparing other on one platform. But the people who have achieved something in their life & the people who have reached their goals have a different definition. If you want to achieve your goals this blog is only for you.
           The only difference between the people who only think and the people who have achieved something in their life is understanding the correct meaning of competition. If we talk about success then success is nothing but a sum of small daily efforts done by that person. If a person doing a particular thing daily, definitely he’ll improve himself day by day and if he compares himself with others then definitely he won’t succeed. He’ll always try to impress others, he’ll try to be better than that particular person. It means he can’t think about out of the box. he’ll always think only to be better than that particular person.
      Before finding the correct definition of competition we have to talk about is there necessary for competition? Is the Competition is required to achieve something?  The answer is yes. Yes, it is required as your daily meal. But the Competition is not with someone else. Competition should be pure and straight forward “Competition is nothing but compete with that person yesterday you were” that’s it. This is the simple and only definition of the competition.
          You might have seen that video in which athletes were about to run. And the cameraman is standing beside the TRACK of athletes. Once the race is started and to shoot that all athletes cameraman is also running with all athletes. But he runs beside the track. He runs too fastly than all athletes to only shoot them properly. In the end, we see the cameraman reaches that finishing line before all athletes. The moral is if you want to achieve the goals you only need to focus on your path you only need to compete with one person yesterday you were. Improve yourself, improve your knowledge to feel successful. So like that cameraman, you will also win the race. You will also succeed.
              So this is the first habit of every successful person. If you want to be a successful person you must apply that correct meaning of competition.
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