Best ways to study in 2020

   Best ways to Study in 2020

       This blog is especially for the students who are about to give any type of exam and students who are preparing for competitive exams. In this blog the solutions and advises are given by various students who are personally using this tactics.
       Nowadays many ways are there to study. Many online as well as offline study materials provided by various publications and organizations. But the main problem is many students can’t start study or they can’t concentrate on studies. In this blog I am going to show you some efficient methods to study or we can say Best ways to study in 2020.

Ø The Categories of students are given below, choose from which category you belong to and match it with the given solutions.

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0.   Student who don’t study :-

             This category belongs to those students who   don’t study even for 5 or 10 minutes And Who doesn’t open a book even for a minute. They are always trying to run away from it.

1.   Students who don’t want to study: – 

        Students who don’t want to study but they do for only passing purpose. They have time for everything but they don’t have time for it. Many students don’t have interest in it. These types of students Shows interest in everything except studies.
  2.  Student who don’t want to study but once they did they get good marks:-

       These are those students who usually get bored of studies but once they did they remember everything whatever they have studied. They have good grasping power.
   3.  Students Who want to study But they fail to 
        maintain continuity in it :-

         Students who want to study but they can’t maintain consistency. Also they have confidence about they have potential to study continuously but they can’t. They think they will complete one chapter in an hour but after few minutes their mind goes in various directions which they don’t want to go.
  4.  Students who study well but they forget in exams, what   they have studied:-

          In this category students can’t remember what they have studied and unable to write proper answers. They are trying to learn more and more to obtain good marks but in result they messed up everything and they forget whatever they have studied.
   5.  Student who study efficiently but don’t  satisfy with their performance:-

        These kind of students take more efforts for studies and they think about it only. They give more time for studies rather than anything else and at the time of result they don’t satisfy with their performance. 

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·     For category 0 and 1:- (Three times method)

          Students who don’t study are always do the things which they most like. In same case students who don’t want to study they give more time to the things which they feel happy to do. In this entire scenario we can say that once they perform those tasks they feel happy.
         Now we assume that you love to play games for example PUBG. Just set the time 5 min for reading and 15 min for playing PUBG. Like 10 min for reading and 30 min for playing game. You just all have to do is multiply 3 times of your studying period and this estimated time you can give to the things you love to do. Now just increase 2-3 minutes every time. Keep one thing in your mind as you increase your study time you can enjoy thrice of the same. Main thing is you will enjoy the study as well as game because you are studying for the things you love to do not for only passing purpose.
·     For category 2:- (Converting method)

           Students who don’t want to study but once they did they get good marks. These types of students have converting problem they can’t convert their mindset towards studies but sometimes they do and they get good results because they have good grasping power. For those students solutions is simple they just have to convert their mindset in fever of studies every time.
        These Students shows laziness towards studies, their mind prefers laziness than studies because they trained their mind in that way. When they don’t feel like lazy or they feel pressure that time only they study. These types of student prefer evening studies more than morning. At the evening sometimes we are physically as well as mentally tired and in some cases morning vice versa. When we are tired our mind gives bunch of reasons to don’t study, to change this scenario we should prefer morning or evening time when our mind is not tired. It means our laziest thoughts will automatically convert into positive thoughts which will boost us to do study.
·     For category 3 and 4:- (Continuity method or 30-60-90         Method)

         The third and fourth category student have same problem they can’t maintain continuity in result they can’t remember what they have studied. In this category students always try to do study more and more to obtain good marks but while doing this they messed up everything and they forget what they have learn.
        Everyone knows if a person is tired physically then he needs rest. Same case happens with our mind every person’s capacity of mind is different. Mind needs rest after certain time of interval. To solve this problem first set the time for study and same set the time for nap. In continuity or 30-60-90 method the 30, 60, 90 denotes study time in minutes and dash denotes sleeping or nap time. This short nap will work as restoring backup of what you have studied. To maintain continuity you have to do 30 min of study 15 min of short nap, 60 min of study 30 min of short nap and 90 min of study and 45 min of nap. You can set alarm according to this. Find suitable studying period for you and apply this method definitely it will solve your problems regarding continuity.
·     For category 5:- (Belief Method)

        Students from this category have only one problem. Problem regarding their belief, in which things they believe most is matters a lot. First they feel their study is perfect they will perform well, and then they want they have studied lot and their effort should convert into good result according to their expectation. And at the end they get disappointed with their result.
           In this entire case their expectation plays vital role. They have raised their expectations therefore they just have to lower their expectation from themselves, they should stop comparing their performance with other, and they should focus on their performance. Whatever the result they should accept it. They should try to ACCEPT MORE AND EXPECT LESS.
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