7 Things You Should Learn From M S DHONI, Former Indian Captain, and Best Wicket Keeper Batsman in The World M S DHONI.

7 things you should learn from m s dhoni

M S Dhoni the former Indian captain and one of the Best wicket Keeper Batsman in the world announced his retirement on 15th August.

This is very sad news for his fans and for every Indian.

Because he has done so much for Indian Cricket, he is the only captain in the world who won all three ICC trophies.

There are many more things to tell you about him, this blog is not sufficient to explain his journey.

The main thing is that we have to focus on his principles, morals, values​​, and we should adopt it in our life.

There are many more things we should learn from M S DHONI, I have figured at the top 7 things that he was focused on his life.

So if we can learn from these 7 things then many things we will achieve in our life.

  1. Be calm in a tough situation
  2. Be patient in your life
  3. Make decisions with courage
  4. Trust your teammates
  5. Always think positive
  6. Don’t be a perfectionist
  7. Be focused on your Goals

so lets go,

7 Things We Should Learn From M S DHONI

1. Be calm in a tough situation

Calmness has the power to handle the worst situations.

Like M S DHONI if you learn how to be calm in a tough situation your more than half problem will be solved automatically.

Yes, if you can be calm you cannot give much importance to any problem, even if it is the biggest problem of your life.

Giving importance, and thinking about the problem are the main reasons behind growing more and more problems.

You have to be just calm in every situation, calmness will find your way from getting rid of the problem.

So learn how to be calm in tough situation like m s dhoni.

2. Be patient in your life like M S Dhoni

The simple formula is if you want to achieve big things “Be Patient”

The word patience is not as easy as it looks, you win your patience you can win anything.

If you have started something whatever it is business, startup, website, youtube channel, etc. just, be patient mate.

If you are reading this then surely you will get, whatever you want.

You will achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Let me tell you that the thing you have to pay to attain the unattainable things is “Patience”

Work with patience, work with focus, work for yourself you will get everything.

3. Make decisions with courage

Many situations occur in your life in which you face problems to make decisions, Do or Die situation happens when it comes to taking the decision, right?

If you want to handle DO OR DIE situations you can visit “How to handle DO OR DIE situations

lets come to our point, making decisions with courage is an art.

You should have confidence in yourself, you cant take courageous decisions only if you are confident on yourself.

You should have the courage to handle things, if things goes against your decisions, you should take responsibility for it like M S Dhoni.

Be confident, confidence is the exact content that makes you meet your expectations after your hard work.

So confidence is needed to make decisions with courage.

4. Trust your teammates

To earn more you have to reach more people, take the example of amazon, amazon occupied almost all countries in the world.

I wanted to say that you cannot reach all over the world alone, you need a team to work more, to reach more people.

You have to trust your teammates as M S Dhoni did.

If you can’t, you can’t make big which you started from scratch.

You need a team to achieve big goals, alone you can’t do, you can, but small, not as big as you think.

So you need a team and you have to trust your teammates.

5. Always think positive

It is easy to say “Be positive Think positive” but there are very few people who always think positive M S Dhoni is one of them.

By always being positive it becomes more integrated.

Thinking Positive is power, we should think it as a power, which ads value in your as well as other life.

Positive thinking gives clarity of goals, it gives more possible ways to deal with problems, it gives more hope.

To achieve goals you should have a clear vision for your goals, and this clarity only comes from positive thinking.

So once you have the ability of positive thinking you will meet the your updated version.

Positive thinking creates more ways and negative thinking closes all these ways.

So decide today to think positive and be positive.

6. Don’t be a perfectionist

Don’t get confused with word perfectionist.

It means always expect perfection from people, expect perfect results, expect perfect whatever you have desired, expect perfect which you decided.

Expecting perfection may give you only disappointments.

So that’s why I mentioned the meaning of perfectionist.

You will always get disappointments where you expect, so expect less, accept more and do more.

Learn to accept, every situation doesn’t need your reaction, your expectations, just let it be.

Just keep in mind don’t find perfection, don’t be a perfectionist.

7. Be focused on your Goals

Here is the final matter “Be focused on your goals”

Learn many things, many skills, many knowledge. you can’t gain the exact value of it without focus.

You learn many lessons to achieve your goals, you watch many people’s interviews, they explain bla bla things.

But I want to tell you that “FOCUS” is actual content to achieve anything.

So be focused on your goals like M S Dhoni did and achieve whatever you want.

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