10 Best Books for Reading, Amazing Books for Young People.

Best books for reading

The habit of reading can change your life, yes for this you should have a list of some best books, now to boost you and your bank of knowledge we came up with “10 Best Books for Reading”.

While coming to a particular age everyone wonders what should they do to keep themselves motivated and cherished apart from listening motivational videos and searching posts etc. right?

Here is the question is whether even you guys think the same?

Why book reading is Important

What do you think, what should be done so that people never lose confidence or say always be happy … ??

Well, according to me whatever the situation may be everyone should develop the habit of reading books continuously, Especially teenagers.

Nowadays, many of the books are based on youth.

By reading books your mind will be relaxed and it will also help you in developing your personal view towards life as well.

But… it all depends on which type of books do you prefer to read.

Nowadays, many people think of reading books but get stuck when it comes to deciding which type of books would they like.

So…, to clear this small confusion I have come up with some of the best books for Reading that every youth should read which definitely many of you would like.

Every book has its own stories and there are even different types in them.

Here, now you have to decide which book you like and accordingly read it with all your interest.

10 Best Books for Reading | Books for Youth

1. “Twisted in a positive way” is Best Book for Reading

(… If your dreams are being discouraged or disparaged in any way you should read this charming, well-plotted beautifully written book)By Chikamso C. Efobi

This book comprises of a young woman named ‘Adaugo’ who has big dreams but yet is supposed to live her life the way society / her culture expects her to.

Living the lifestyle she wants is extremely impossible for a woman like her, but at the same time, she is very strong and believes that there is much more to come for her.

It will be interesting to see whether she will defeat all the societal expectations or just sacrifice as most of the women have done so far…

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2. “The secret of  heart noteis Best Book for Reading

(Sometimes love is right under your nose)By Stacey Lee

It is a story of a teen who is an aroma expert …and also possesses the quality of an extra-sensitive sense of smell.

She’s just 16 years and knows what her future demands (say wedding, coming around the love portion but all at the time being completely alone).

She mostly dreams to have a high school experience… including friends, participating in school activities, and also of having a boyfriend.

But ends up accepting the fact that if she falls in love then , she has to lose her one great talent.

When unknowingly she gives her one of the elixirs to the wrong woman, she ultimately has to be dependent upon the women’s son who will help her to fix it up.

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3. “The Star-Touched Queen” is One of the Best Books for Reading

By Roshani Chokshi

This story enrolls about a 17-year-old Maya, who is cursed with a horoscope of death and destruction.

Maya’s world comes crashing down as her father arranges her marriage just for the sake to stop the war and live peacefully.

Meanwhile, she becomes the queen of the Akaran kingdom and soon discovers her own voice, her compassion, and her desire.

As the Akaran has its own secrets , Maya finds that her life is in danger.

Here, the question arrives that whom should she trust? Apart from her husband in this kingdom.

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4. “The Victoria in my head” is one of the Best Books for Reading

By Janelle Milanes

This story revolves around a girl named ‘Victoria Cruz’ who lives two lives… One which is inhabited in her head like a Rock star and the real-life is where she is a very shy teen with an overprotective parent.

While she is not able to go out of fear and make a proper decision for herself, she decides to live in her fantasy world where nothing can go wrong and everything is well settled.

Further, when a boy named ‘Strand’ who looks for a lead singer enters her life and she decides to turn her dreams into reality.

For that, she has to confront all the insecurities first.

Later, she faces a choice to live on the known path and stray to finding love, danger, adventure, etc.

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5. “The fault in our stars” is the Best Book for youth

( Electric… filled with staccato bursts of humor and tragedy: Jodi Picoult)

By John Green

It is an amazing book with the story of two teenagers where the girl has lung cancer and the boy had osteosarcoma (like bone cancer).

They meet in the cancer supporting group and fall in love with each other.

While enjoying the moments together they start looking for the author of their favorite book.

Soon they make heart-breaking discoveries to each other on their way to the Netherlands where they go to find the author.

This book will surely make you laugh but at the end your eyes will be filled with tears…

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6. “The Poet X” the NO 1 SELLER BOOK

(A story that will adore the power of poetry and love back into your heart: Laurie Halse Anderson)

By Elizabeth Acevedo

This book is about a girl named Harlem who often feels unheard and keeps hiding herself in her neighborhood.

She has many more things to say but chooses to remain silent and pours all her anger, frustration, and passion in a book.

This book turns to be a silent prayer for her.

Later, when she is forced by her Mami to keep her thoughts to herself, she wonders whether to attend the school’s slam poetry club or not.

Then she decides to go there to perform a poem and decides to break her silence.   

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7. “Are you there God? It’s Me Margaret” BEST SELLER BOOK

By Judy Blume

It is a novel about a young teen girl who has conversations with God and keeps asking God about the changes she is going through like… Periods, have crushes, and faces puberty.

As her father and mother belong to separate caste, she is also confused about whether which caste should she follow?? Due to this, she finds it difficult to have faith in God and keeps questioning God continuously.

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8. “Inked” is one of the Best Books for Reading

By Chris Ledbetter

This book is about a boy (Cameron Shade) and a girl (Farrah Spangled) who have just survived from a horrible death experience.

Their relationship grows despite of their family pressure and various obstacles.

Later, they were cursed in the sketchbook which would nearly cost them their lives.

Meanwhile, their threats were cleared and you guys will surely find it interesting to know whether how would they return home?? And do they really want to??

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9. “The Education of Millionaires” Best Book for Reading

( Everything you don’t learn in college about how to be successful…)By Michael Ellsberg

In this book Michael Ellsberg talks about such things which we don’t learn in college.

He speaks about the art of how to earn a great living .

He also shares 4 steps by which one can put their money in correct order.

This book will also teach you how can self-education upgrade your mind and also your life at the same time.

It will be mostly preferred by a college going students.

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10. “Harry Potter Series

By J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter series is really amazing and it is obvious that everyone knows about it.

It is basically a story of a boy named  ‘Harry’, who on his 11th birthday discovers that he is a wizard.

However, further his mother’s love saves him from the villain (Voldemort) who is eager to destroy him completely.

Later, Harry and his friends Hermione and Ron defeat the Voldemort whom people call as “He who must not be named”.

This series contains 8 parts named…

  1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
  2. Chamber of Secrets.
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  5. Order of the Phoenix.
  6. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.
  7. the Deathly Hallows.
  8. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ( Part 1&2).

This novel has also been converted into movies and holds the position of one of the best novels.

The 8th part is an act which was conducted in London.

It is not converted into movie.

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All the books mentioned above must be really amazing as it is based on some of the other such situations which many of us often face in our life.

Every youth has a different choice and by keeping this in my mind I have suggested different books accordingly.

These books also have suspense within them.

If you must have read the summary of every book there is a small question that arrived in most of the books say like what will happen next.

Aren’t you desperate to know the ending?? If yes then you should hurry up and get the particular book immediately.

As our ancestors say that by reading books you also keep learning something simultaneously. And it is true so far.

Everything is just dependent on our thinking capability.

So tell me in the comments from which Book you like the most.

I hope you like Best Books for Reading Blog and you got the information which you looking for.

Did we miss any point to cover? or every point covered in this blog, just tell me in the comment.

if you have any queries or suggestion then Contact us, and share this blog with your friends.



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